Having trouble with your shutter button?


These steps work for 99% of our customers...

  1. Restart the phone (Apple users - hold down the home and power button at the same time/ Android - consult your manual)
  2. Make sure the audio jack is fully inserted
  3. Close Spotify if you happen to have that App open 

    Android Users

    You might need to change the camera settings.  Each Android is different, but generally:

    1. Open Camera App
    2. Click the GEAR icon
    3. Click on the Volume Control Key
    4. Set the Volume Control to Take Pictures
    Watch our video to learn more or consult your manual.  Rest assured, the shutter button works with your native Android camera app.  You can also try it with our app (in beta) and many customers say it works great with this open market app: ZoomFree.


    Apple Users

    If rebooting your phone does not work (there's a known Apple bug), you can RESET your settings. If you want to try that, go to:

    1. Settings
    2. General
    3. Scroll to the bottom and hit the Reset all settings button.

    * Be sure NOT to select Erase all content. Note that this WILL revert your settings back to the original ... so your background image will revert to apple defaults and you'll probably get a bunch of prompts to allow/ enable things. Just FYI.

    If the above steps do not work, please send us a Support ticket via the widget on the lower right of our webpage or by emailing us: support'at'pixltoys.zendesk.com