What is Pixlplay?

Pixlplay turns your smartphone into a fun kids’ camera.  It safely protects your Apple or Android device (not included) while encouraging creative and active play through photography.  It features a working shutter button, rubber grips, a wrist strap, focus lens & film advance with clicking sound for pretend play and includes craft activity sheets, sticker sheet & a FREE App!


Which devices can Pixlplay work with? 

We maintain our compatible devices list here: https://pixltoys.com/pages/phones


My shutter button isn't working, can you help troubleshoot?

Please see this help page: https://pixltoys.com/pages/shutter-button-help


How big is it?

It’s about an inch and a half bigger than a Samsung Galaxy S7.   

  • Exterior Dimensions: (at furthest points): 7 x 4.5 x 2.68 inches (179 x 115 x 68 mm)
  • Interior Dimensions (maximum outside phone dimensions):
    • Largest = 5.87 x 2.93 x 0.374 inches (149 x 74.4 9.5 mm)
    • Smallest = 4.54 x 2.31 x 0.26 inches (115.2 x 58.6 x 6.5 mm)


How do I install my phone into a Pixlplay?

We've created several videos to help show you how to insert your phone into a Pixlplay.  You can view our installation videos here.


How heavy is it?

Without a phone, Pixlplay weighs 0.626 pounds or 284 grams.  


How does it work?

Pixlplay uses the headphone jack to power the camera shutter button. This is a built-in feature with Apple products.  The iPhone 7/8 and X require the Lightning to Headphone Adapter that comes with your device to operate the shutter button.  Or, you can simply click the shutter through the protective screen.  Some Android phones require setting up the shutter button. It’s as simple as that!


Where do I download the App?
*Beta*: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pixltoys.pixlplay


Do I need the Pixlplay App?

No.  You can simply use the camera app included with your phone or any app available in the Apple App or Google Play store.  Since our Android is in Beta, many customers recommend these apps:
Android ZoomFree App
Android Selfishop App


Does it take video? 

Yes!  Just use native camera app.  Our App does not offer video at this time.


What ages is it designed for?

  • Toddlers.  Pixlplay is tested for kids ages 3+ but we've had kids as young as 2 years old who love it. For younger kids, Pixlplay helps protect your phone and gives them an easy to hold rubber handle and working buttons to improve dexterity and fine & gross motor skills.  
  • Ages 4-5.  The working shutter button and knobs with clicking sound teach cause-effect connection and the included activities teach cognitive and language skills.
  • Ages 6+.  Photography is very popular for kids ages 6-9 and the App allows kids to make silly faces and explore on scavenger hunts.  
  • Even adults!  The classic 35mm camera design and easy to use shutter button appeals to everyone!


How is Pixlplay different from other kids cameras:

Other kids cameras have low megapixels, small LCD screens and software that reminds us of AOL dial up.  Pixlplay uses your existing smartphone which makes it easy to use and provides high quality photos.  It helps protect your phone with a durable design and includes activities to get kids outside and teach them about photography.  If our stretch goals are successfully funded, we will include the activity cards and companion App that encourages photography.


Can I charge my phone while it's in the case?  

No.  Due to the large variety of cord types, you will need to remove the device to charge it.  


Can I power on/off my device while my phone is inside?

iPhone users can hit the home button to unlock your phone.  You will need to open Pixlplay to hit the power button and 'force' power off.  Android phones vary but in general, you will need to open Pixlplay to power on & off the device.  Parent set-up is required.


Can I hit the home button while my smartphone is in the case?

The protective screen allows adults to press the home buttons but it's harder for kids (<4 years old).  Some parents like this since it keeps kids from exiting the app.  Others want their kids to have that freedom.  One of our customers added a small felt circle near over the home button (the craft type felt).  Send us a message and we will send you one for free if you want! It works great either way!  


How do I get the photos off it?

Since you’ll be using one of your smartphones, you get the photos off the same way you normally would (cord/ download, imessage/ text, airdrop, email or however you choose!).  You may need to be connected to wifi.


How exactly can Pixlplay work with so many phones?

We designed Pixlplay with an adjustable grip which makes it easy to open and hold your phone. The spring loaded design ensures the protective screen is always against your device so you can still access the touch sensitive screen.


Does it require a network plan or wifi connection?

No.  In fact, it’s better to be offline.  The shutter button is powered by the headphone jack so there is no bluetooth pairing or network plans needed.  If you want to download any apps or share your photos, simply connect to wifi.  


I’m a distributor, how do I contact you?

We are accepting inquiries regarding future distribution opportunities via email at sales@pixltoys.com. Please include some background on your company and territory. Thank you for your interest in Pixlplay!


Pixlplay is so unique, do you have a Patent?

Absolutely.  Pixlplay is patent pending.