What led me to starting this company?

Have you ever found yourself doing the same job year after year and yearning for something more?  Or, in an environment where you are constantly being asked to do more with less.... to bring "your big ideas", only to have those ideas buried in false promises and a lack of willingness to take risks.  Or, how about a management culture that sought to protect legacy businesses at all costs and respond to threats with knee jerk reactions and constant middle-management shuffling.  That's where I was when I left my big company job about one year ago after a long career in consumer products.  It didn't help that the politics were at an all time high (when were they not?). 

This is not the blog of someone who is bitter about working for a big company, I promise.  In fact, I had a great career there.  I worked at the same company for over 13 years in four different cities so something must have been good.  I was a toy buyer.  We scaled the business to focus on catalog/ ecommerce and ultimately built it into a licensing business at retail.  I had good benefits, freedom and for the most part, things were on cruise control.  I was comfortable.  Maybe a bit board.  I felt like I could do more and I was tired of building brands for someone else. 

I'll be using this blog to share my story of how I left a big company in order to start one of my own.  I plan to go through what I did when I left and some insight into how I made decisions into where I am today and where I am heading tomorrow.  At the time of writing this post, I'm still keeping the first product somewhat under wraps.  I'll get into that a bit more later.  Follow any of our social channels and better yet, subscribe to our email list and be the first to know what I am working on.  Thanks for your interest and support!