What can you do with older smartphones you no longer use?

This article is part of a video that originally aired on GizwizBiz by Richard Warriner and team.

...It was quite a coincidence when Richard Warriner who created this week's warehouse video ended with wondering “what can you do with old smart phones you no longer use. Bingo! I have an answer, and that's why I put the PixlPhone after the warehouse video. 

I bet you have one or more older smart phones around that you don't know what to do what. Here's a perfect answer. Especially if you have very young kids. It's called Pixlplay and it's under $30. Pixlplay turns your older smartphone into a fun kids’ camera. It safely protects your Apple or Android device (not included of course) while encouraging creative and active play through photography. It features rubber grips, a wrist strap, focus lens & film advance with clicking sound for pretend play and includes craft activity sheets w/stickers. Now it won't fit any of the larger, new smartphones, but I doubt if you're youngster to have that anyway. That's a list of all the smartphone that work with the Pixlplay on their website. Two old Galaxy smart phone I have are on that list. But I had trouble using the shutter button to take take a picture on both my old Galaxy S4 and S5 phones. After hooking the cable in the Pixlplay to the headphone jack as instructed each Galaxy went into 'zoom in' mode when the shutter button on the Pixlplay was pushed. The work around for that may be described on their website which says “Some Android phones require setting up the shutter button to be controlled by the volume button and the rear (selfie camera) may be covered." That may solve the problem, but I didn't have a chance to try that. But iPhones which I guess work differently should be fine. I think young kids will love this camera and it's under $30. Be sure to watch the company video and then my video talking about my experience with two Galaxy smartphones.