Toy Fair NYC: Hot new toys for 2017

This was published in the Family Lifestyle section of Newsday.  Pixlplay was honored to be one of the hot new toys next to the likes of Hatchimals, Shopkins, Fisher-Price, and Mattel's Aristotle...

The 114th annual North American International Toy Fair at the Javits Center offered something for every kind of kid -- superhero action dolls for girls, figures and playsets from "Star Wars" and Disney Junior shows for movie and TV buffs, and robots, coding toys and more for science geeks.

Toy Fair is a four-day event where more than 1,000 companies debut toys kids and parents can expect to see in 2017. Some old favorites were given some new twists -- for instance, a Frisbee-like disc will stream a playlist from a smartphone. "These are toys that have been in our lives forever but are seeing what I call an upgrade," said Laurie Schacht, who lives in Woodmere and is widely known as the "Toy Insider Mom" because she's co-publisher of The Toy Insider, a consumer guide for parents.

While it's hard to say what the best new toys of 2017 will be, here are some toys your kids may be clamoring for this year.

The Pixlplay Camera from Pixl Toys turns a smartphone into a kids' camera, safely protecting an Apple, Android or Windows device. It features rubber grips, a wrist strap, focus lens and film advance with clicking sounds for pretend play. For ages 3 and older.