What makes Pixlplay better than other kids’ cameras?

Cameras have been an important part of the toy category for years.  There’s a reason some of the biggest toy companies including VTech/ Leap Frog and Fisher Price/ Mattel have continued to make and sell them.  But there are a lot of problems with all the kids’ cameras on the market that led us to developing Pixlplay.  

Quality.  The quality of other toy cameras on the market are poor.  I’m talking about the megapixes and screen size in particular.  The Fisher Price Kid Tough Camera and Kidizoom by VTech only recently hit the 1.3 megapixel mark!  The Discovery Kids camera has an embarrassing 0.3 megapixels and the LCD screen are tiny!  So, the kids in your life may end up capturing some great images, but you probably won’t ever end up doing anything with them!  The standard megapixel for smartphones today is 8 megapixels and some go much higher!  By using the smartphone, Pixlplay uses a high quality device so you can view, print or share all those great memories.

Easy to use.  Because the Pixlplay camera uses the device you’re already familiar with, you won’t have any problems editing or getting the photos off the device.  Other toy cameras require USB cables and getting the photos off is like aol dial-up!  Since you’ll be using one of your smartphones, you get the photos off the same way you normally would (wifi: email/ iMessage or airdrop, old fashion cord to your computer & download, or however you choose!).  No network plan is needed, in fact, it’s better to keep it offline! There is no bluetooth pairing, it’s as easy as plugging in the headphone jack and that powers the camera shutter button.  

Gets Kids Active.  Let’s face it, kids want to play with your smartphone.  Most of the time, when you give them your phone, their their head goes down and they start swiping and playing games.  When kids pick up the Pixlplay camera, they immediately start taking photos and exploring their world.  We include two activity sheets including a scavenger hunt and photo booth as well as a sticker sheet so kids can personalize their camera.  

Teaches Photography & Creative Expression

iOS users will enjoy our custom app that gives kids different activities like “add a mustache” and make silly faces.  The app also includes photo adventure books where kids will have fun while learning about colors, numbers and shapes through photography.

Protects your phone.  Compared to using an unprotected phone or a real camera, Pixlplay protects your device with rubber handles, a protective touch sensitive screen and a wrist strap.  It’s dirtproof, splash-resistant and keeps your phone free from those sticky little fingers.  ;)

Make use of your old smartphones.  Most of us have an old smartphone (or two) sitting unused in a junk drawer.  Pixlplay is designed to fit a wide variety of smartphones both Android and Apple as far back as the iPhone 4.  For a full list, please see our FAQ section here.

Affordable.  Other toy cameras run between $30 and $50.  Cases like the Otterbox that protect your smartphone can run more than $50.  Because we make use of the smartphone you already have in your house, we can keep the price down while delivering a unique experience.  You get all the bells and whistls of a high tech toy at an affordable price.

Thanks for reading and for your support.  We believe we have made a delightful product and can’t wait for your kids to try it out when we start shipping this summer.  We are enthusiastic partners of your child’s learning journey and are keen to see them build a strong foundation in these important early years.  We look forward to having you part of the journey.

JP (Founder & CEO)