The 10 Coolest Toys in 2017

We are so happy to share that Pixlplay listed on the third place of the 10 coolest toys from the 2017 international toy fair (ITF).

The beauty of Pixlplay, a colorful plastic case that turns your smartphone into a kid-friendly camera, is that it solves 2 problems at once. 

First, what to do with that old iPhone sitting in the desk drawer; second, how do I introduce my kids to screens without turning them into zombies? With Pixlplay, simply pop it in and send them out to become the next Ansel Adams. It’s got a working shutter button, an easy-to-hold rubber grip, and clicking focus/film advance knobs that don’t actually work but, hey, your kids don’t need to know that. It also comes with activity cards and scavenger hunts designed to get them off the couch and out learning about photography.
(Pre-order now)

Check out the full list reported by Fatherly.

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