VentureBeat | Pixlplay turns a smartphone into a kids' camera

This article was originally published on Venture Beat by Dean Takahashi @Deantak.

Pixlplay turns your smartphone into a fun kids’ camera. It does so by wrapping an older, unused smartphone in a kid-safe camera. The company is starting a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the idea.

At $25, it’s affordable, it works with both Apple and Android devices, and it is aimed at children three years and older. The idea is to get kids up and about, encouraging them to play outdoors and develop their creativity.

Pixlplay comes in two colors and includes an iOS app, a wrist strap, and fun activities that teach kids about photography.

It fits a wide variety of older and current phones, doesn’t require any pairing, and features a working shutter button that uses the headphone jack.

Inspired by classic 35mm camera design, Pixlplay addresses problems like the possibility that a kid would drop and damage a real smartphone. It’s easy to use and can take high-quality photos. Compared to a real camera or smartphone, Pixlplay protects your device with rubber feel handles, a splash-resistant screen protector, and a wrist strap.