Make a Camera Strap!

Photographers like to carry their cameras around as often as possible.  That way, if something fun or unusual happens, they can record it. 

One way to ensure you've always got a camera on you is to wear it with a camera strap!  A fun activity to do with your kids is to make a camera strap for their kids camera.

How to make a camera strap! 

1. Supply list:

- Find a strap!  A small or medium-size belt works great!  Thrift stores are a great spot to find belts if not the old one in grandpas closet ; )  How about that old dog leash?  You can also try rope, cord, lanyards or even a thick ribbon!  Or, you can get creative and braid some rope to make your strap! Have fun with this!
- 2 large keychain rings or swivel hooks that will fit through the side hooks of your camera.  You can get these at a hardware or craft store.  Also check your junk drawer for - who knows what might work!!!  
- a hammer and a nail (if using a belt)
- pliers, markers & scissors (optional depending on your needs)

2. Steps:

- Make your strap (pick your belt or select or braid your rope to 36 - 46".
- Test the length by putting the camera over one shoulder like a messenger bag.  The camera should sit just above the belt line when the camera is connected to the strap. Mark the area where you will attach it to the loop and cut the excess.
- Loop one keychain ring (or swivel hook) through the buckle of the belt.  Or, tie the rope to it.  
- Get an adult to help punch a hole on the mark at the other end of the belt using the hammer and nail. 
- Attached the keychain ring (or swivel hook) to the strap. Or, tie the strap to it if you're using a different material.  
- Attached the other end of your strap to the camera!  

Most people always have a smartphone on them so they make for great cameras.  However, maybe you're afraid of your kids breaking it. Or, maybe you have an old smartphone sitting unused in that junk drawer! Pixlplay is a great way to protect your device or make use of an old one.

Whether you have a Pixlplay camera or not, camera straps can be great for attaching a camera to your kids.  This way, they'll never miss that great shot.

Have fun!

ps. want to get extra fancy?  Here's another step by step DIY option for using a belt: