Go on a photo scavenger hunt!

Going on a photo scavenger hunt is a great way to get your kids into photograpy and keep them busy! 

Here is what you'll need:
- Camera
- A printed list
- A few friends (if you want!)
- Some time or a timer (optional)!

Preparing for the hunt:
First, you'll need to select your location.  Indoors?  outdoors?  the park?  You'll want to consider the weather and the age of your kids.  

Second, you'll want to creat a list.  We created a list that you can find in our Kids Camera 101 facebook group here.  You can also create your own list!  There are a million potential pictures to consider.  If you are indoors, look around the room.  If you plan to go outside, think about the things you might find. 

Have each person make a list of at least 10 items then hand it to the other person.  Here are some ideas:
- something bumpy
- A triangle
- An oval
- something gross
- something beautiful
- A reflection
- Flowing water
- Furniture
- Something alive
- Friendship
- Happy face
- Sad face

Now, grab your camera(s), set a timer (optional) and go off and see if you can photograpy each item on the list. 

Then, swap lists and do it again.  Look at your friends' pictures at the end to see how they differ.

Tips: Before taking a photo, think about where you are going to hold your camera since its position will frame the object. Pay attention to the angle you choose. More important than speed is getting a good shot. How do you see this object?  How does your child or their friend see it?  You can teach them about colors, shapes and emotions though some of these words. Be creative in how you set up your camera so that it frames the scavenger hunt objects in fun ways.

Have fun!

ps. do you know how to get an egg to stand-up on a table?  Hint: salt. ;)