Creative Mothers Day Gift Ideas

There is still time to make or do something special for this upcoming holiday.  Sure, gifts are nice, but I think everyone appreciates a handmade gift or family activity even more.

Here is a list of ideas that you can do with your little one for and with your mom, mom-in-law...

1. Make a card!  There is nothing nicer than a handmade card.  Speaking of hands, why not trace the outline of your childs hand on the front page and add a draw a stem to make it a flower.  Add a picture or collage inside.
2. Find a recent drawing or painting from your kids and turn it into a card with some photos.
3. Ask your kids... "What are the top 5 things you love about mom or grandma?"  Write them out if they can't.  Cut and paste inside the card with some photos.
4. Give a framed photo or photo montage.  You know that series of silly faces you have where you love them all and can't decide which to delete?  Print them all and get a 3 frame series.  
5. Too late to print out photos?  Surprise mom with a picnic adventure and have your little one be the photographer with the "promise" to make a photo book!  Now, this is a good use of the Pixlplay Camera!  (oh, take 20% off on Amazon with promo code QEEBT6US through mothers day!)
6. Speaking of photo books, there's still time to make one!  
7. Need a gift to go with the card or photo book?  Potted flowers are great.  Trader Joes has some amazing prices or your local nursery.  It's not too late to put a Tomato plant or sunflower in the ground "in moms name"!

With many of the above ideas, you'll need to assess your existing pictures.  Do you have any printouts? Great, grab some scissors and start creating! 

If not, scroll through your phone or upload the photos to your favorite printing service.  DO THIS FIRST and PLACE AN ORDER FOR PRINTS TODAY so you have them in time.  I ordered prints from Shutterfly on Sunday and was impressed that they arrived on Thursday using standard shipping.  SO, you can still "make" the card and leave room for the photos inside when they arrive.

That's about it!  Do you have other ideas?  Please reply back or join the discussion in our Kids Camera 101 facebook group.

Have a great weekend!

ps. Moms, fwd this to your hubby "hint, hint";)