Best tech toys for kids by CNET

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It's a blast from the past this holiday seasons. The $80 Nintendo Super NES classic edition is bringing back the 90s with a mini version of its 16 bit console. It includes 2 controllers and 20 throw back games like Super Mario Kart, the Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong. [SOUND]. Those addictive little digital pocket pets are back. Tamgochi's have returned with a fifteen dollar mini version. Feed and clean up after your virtual pet and watch as they develop a personality. Another classic toy is getting teched out [SOUND] for the holidays. The $160 Lego Boost is a robot and coding kit designed for kids seven and up. Kids can build five different models including a robot and a guitar and then program their creation. Give kids a glimpse into the future with a $15 Merge Cube. Using augmented reality gaming and science apps it's like holding a hologram in your hands. Turn screen time into snap time with the $30 pixel play case that turns your phone into a fun kids camera. Just pop it into the case, open the camera, and click away. Goodnight, moon. Goodnight, moon. The moonlight projector uses your phone to project classic kids stories while you read. The $25 starter pack included good night moon and additional books are $8. For more tech gift ideas, visit the CNET buyers guid at Lexi [UNKNOWN] for CBS News.