Tech Crunch | Pixlplay is the child-proof smartphone case that masquerades as a camera

This article was originally published on Tech Crunch by John Briggs

As a father, I try to remember two things: my biological mission is complete and I am essentially foddering for the grave and my kids will probably destroy my smartphone. That’s why Pixlplay is particularly interesting.

The Pixlplay is a smartphone case that looks like a big, bulky camera. You stuff the phone inside – it works with iOS phones for now – and plug a cable into the headphone jack. You can charge it via USB and the entire phone is well-protected thanks to the jolly candy-colored case. Kids can run around taking pictures with the included app or you can give up and give them Super Mario Run so they’ll shut up for fifteen minutes while you eat a damn grilled cheese sandwich in peace.

The founder, JP Stoops, was toy buyer for the Discovery Channel Stores and spent fifteen years developing consumer products for others. He recently quit his job to make the Pixlplay and other products.

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